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Tips For Cat Litter Disposal

Litter Boxes are there where indoor cats are. One problem is to train your cat to use the litter box, second is to kill the odor off and the last but surely not the least (yucky) is to dispose of the litter! Fortunately, like you have probably found solutions for the first two, we also provide you with a nose friendly solution for the third.

Drain it Down Your Toilet Seat!Cat Litter Disposal Tips

The most common way is to pick the litter box up, enter your bathroom and dump it down the toilet seat and with a little push, flush it away! You can even buy flushable litter boxes.

However, there is a tiny problem of guilt in this method. The Monterey Bay Aquarium states with much concern that the flushed cat feces have a tendency to introduce pathogens into the environment that has resulted in the death of sea otters. The cause, they say is due to most wastewater treatment plants not being outfitted to treat the rugged parasite Toxoplasma Gondii.

So, well, you may want to avoid this option as much as you can.

Get Rid of It- Indoors

If your cat is an apartment resident, then taking daily rounds to the building receptacle is kinda tedious. So here is what you can do. You can double bag the fecal material in order to kill the odor off (to an extent).

Biodegradable plastic bags that are plant based are more environment friendly. You can go for the bags used to dispose of dog fecal matter. And then you can throw it in the building container when it is convenient.

No Nonsense- Go for Outdoors!

If your conscience has stopped you from flushing it down the toilet seat or you’re sick of masking the odor by double wrapping it, daily; then there is only one option- open your door, walk past your welcome door mat, straight to the garbage bin and dump it down, one wrapping, no hectic; plus a whiff of fresh air as bonus!

Compost it!

If this environment benefitting and energy producing option has crossed your mind, it is not bad. Not bad if you live in an open area with enough space for the fecal matter to compost and kill the pathogens and parasites. But as of today’s urban conditions, it is not a good option.

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