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10 Unique Cat Beds – Very Cute!

How many types of cat beds that you know? Recently, i just visited various online shops and collect these items in this page. There are indeed unique, artistic, cool and even “scary …?” items out there… I do not have any relationship with these sellers.

Lets take  a look one by one ..

1. Water Hyacinth Cat Bed

Made from natural  water hyacinth & and banana leaf textures [link]
Water Hyacinth Cat Bed

2. Cardboard Cat Bed

Came in form of enclosed igloo and simple open bed, made from reinforced cardboard. [link]

3. Handmade Cat Cave Bed

Washable by hand and made from 100% wool. This artistic and customizable cat bed made by Dornröschen Filzunikate, Susanne Karg. [link]

4. Human Lap Cat Bed

The creator called this as “The Laps of Luxury dog bed” and made for small dogs or cats. Put it in the dark and give it some fake blood, i bet some one will be freaking out…[link]

5. “Double” Rattan Cat Bed

Made from durable braided rattan, product origin is actually from indonesia with planning and design from japan. [link]



6. Rattan Kitty House

Very cute bed made from rattan [link]


7. Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed

Great way to add classic feel to a typically boring cat bed. Made from a Dark Red Samsonite Vintage Suitcase, It has a Mod brown leaf pattern cushion. Wooden legs are handmade in Mid Century style. [link]


8. Bed Bite Pet Bed

Suit for dog and cats up to 15 lbs. Removable pillow and machine washable [link]


9. Cat Bed Table

If you thought every cat want a privacy and then you should see this…. A cat hammcok below a see through glass table!. Well…actually this is a coffee table integrated with a cat hammock.. 🙂   [link]


10. Kitty Ball Cat Bed

Made from non toxic poly rattan and beautiful spun bamboo [link]

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