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5 Very Funny Animals Music Videos

funny chikenI have  a bunch of my own favorites funny video about animal and music. Take a look at my best 5 list:

1. Chicken Disco Song via drizae

This is my favorites 🙂 , very funny and entertaining, watching a hen scratches, jumps & fluffs its wings on a flashing disco dance floor as well as sings / clucks and crows to a techno beat.

The trainer James Delaney ensures that all of 6 chickens used were not harmed in any way & will continue to live for the rest of their lives as pets.

2. Litter Box Band via litterboxcatband
A bunch of cats band perform some “underground” style rock song… hillarious!!

3. Nora The Piano Cat via burnellyow
After have some popularity the owner even decide to make a special DVD available via amazon. Visit her blog here.

4. Animals Singing
The uploader only put “Animals singing Simple Life animation” as description, but it seem the video is from tv commercial.

5. Funny Talking Animals – Best Of
A compilation of funny animal voice over show from bbc. Via Fuzzel0303

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