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Viral Funny Cat Videos Phenomena

omgcatsCats are cute, no one deny it, but more importantly, they are curious creature. I believe, due to this nature they provide endless funny material. Perhaps, the reason that these videos some time are so funny as hell is because we can actually relate and empathize with those animal, even often we can also agree with the way in which it acted.

Adorable pets are indeed universal, crossing language border. Recently YouTube has pretty interesting fact, the number of videos uploaded with the title of “кошка” or russian words for ‘cat’ in September 2011 is already double the number uploaded in September of 2010.

The following “cat spider” video is also from russian. Currently it reach 1.4 million views

Below is a video of a cat “fighting” with a printer, entitled “Мега Прикол – Кошка Vs Принтер ))” or “Mega Joke – Cat Vs Printer))” in english with 2.3 million views.

If you wanna know, currently trending Russian cat video in October 2011 is merely about hungry cats. In just three weeks it almost reach 0.5 million views.

This one is another funny video i just recently watch, performed by a freak cat

IMO all those funny videos will get even those who are allergic to kitties, literally or eventually, at least break a smile. How about you?

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