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Holiday Tips For Pets Owner

Holidays are times when everyone are happy that includes your pets. Here are few tips to keep your dogs or cats safer during the holiday season, by being on the watch for pet dangers.

1. Poinsettias

We all know both dogs and cats chew on herbs and shrubs. Holiday Poinsettias are especially dangerous for your pets, if they get to nibble on the attractive red Christmas decor. They will suffer vomiting, stomach pain and discomfort in case they do.

Holiday Tips For Pets OwnerIf you don’t know about potentially dangerous plats that are common, check the list compiled by ASPCA. It has a whopping 400 names and can be an excellent reference.

2. Holiday Treats

Holidays are when we bulk up treats and sweets everywhere in the home. While it can be a happy occasion and demands more of goodies, your pets should never get to bite in on them! Let us look at few culprits:

Chocolate: Chocolate can be delicious and most of us including adults crave for it. But, they are not any good for your pets. It is important to avoid giving chocolates to your pets and ensure your kids don’t feed it to them either.

Candy: When sugar exceeds certain limits, it can result in severe stomach ache for your pets. Worse is when they swallow those colorful candy wrappers, as they can tear their delicate intestines, or esophagus. It is important to clean up at regular intervals and ensure your pets don’t swallow candy wrappers littered around.

Other harmful foods include:

Chewing Gum
Macadamia nuts
Raw Yeast Dough
Foods loaded with fat

3. Decorations

Decorations can be fatal for your pets, since they can permanently damage their intestines. Make sure you keep your pets away from decorations and ensure you watch them whenever they go near tree water, decoration hooks, ornaments, Styrofoam and ribbon.

4. Treacherous Toys

As much as attractive colors and toys attract your kids, so do they draw pets. Yes, they are chocking hazards for pets. Ensure you keep small toys away from pets and dispose their packaging materials immediately after opening. Toys can include Styrofoam, twist ties and plastic bags that can choke your dogs or cats.

5. Dangerous Drinks

If you are hosting a party during the holidays, you might have beverages like tea, coffee, alcohol based drinks and energy drinks. If you check the ASPCA’s list, you will realize coffee, tea and alcohol are on the list of People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pet. Any of these can result in nausea, decreased coordination, diarrhea, depression of central nervous system, breathless, etc.

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