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Joint Supplements For Dogs

Joint Supplements For DogsAlthough a great many people may say that supplements are totally unnecessary and we don’t need them to lead an active life I personally know a number of older people who take joint supplements and are very glad they do. Humans and animals alike can suffer from joint problems such as arthritis and as they get older joint care is increasingly important. For your pets, joint supplements for dogs can go a long way to relieve their pain and your concern.

For a moment think about your own body, its muscles and its joints. Even if you were involved in regular athletic or sporting activities our bodies have a habit of telling us as we get older that we may not be as fit or as supple as before, we may not be as agile as before and it may take us longer to recover after a bout of strenuous exercise. Of course if you have been involved with more than just normal exercise, you will already know how important muscle and joint care is for both our levels of fitness and general well being. You will also know of the dangers if you force your muscles and joints to cope with the stresses and strains of irregular exercise and sudden bouts of strenuous activity.

Now transfer that same thinking about looking after your own body to looking after your dog and the importance of pet joint care.

We humans and dogs (as well as many other animals) have the same skeletal structure in that the joints are where two of our bones come together. It is the joints that give your dog the ability to move its limbs in so many different ways. Imagine if you and your dog didn’t have any joints. It would be almost impossible to do anything and what you did do would probably be extremely painful. Your dog’s skeleton and bone structure would be so stiff rigid and inflexible even simple movements such as sitting, walking, running, and jumping would not be possible.

So, what makes the physical action of the dog joints moving work so well?

It is all due to something called the cartilage. Perhaps you have heard of your favorite athletic or sports stars having to pull out of games or events due to a cartilage problem. Cartilage acts as if it is a ‘shock absorber’ to prevent the bones in the joints from physically grinding together and to prevent extremely painful wear and tear. Apart from this substance called cartilage our joints and dog joints contain fluid in the joints which helps to keep them lubricated and facilitate free movement.

As a dog lover it really pains me to see dogs which have not been raised from a puppy to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. You can see it and you can hear it. The dogs are overweight, they have no stamina, and their breathing is labored. You can see by the way they are walking that their dog joints are stiff and causing discomfort.

Of course, nature being nature, even if your dog has led a healthy and active lifestyle, as it gets older (just like us humans) there may be a need to deal with stiff joints and find remedies to help your dog become more active, even more mobile. Fortunately for the dog there are a range of hip and joint supplements for dogs that can go a long way to providing relief and are effective remedies to help your dog lead a more enjoyable and active life.

When visiting your local pet store or searching on the internet the best joint supplements for dogs are those which are one hundred percent natural.

Joint supplements dogs need should be specially formulated for animals and pets. The better dog supplements will typically contain the combination of nutritional substances, bio chemic salts, and herbs which are all tried and tested and well known for their beneficial effect on your dog’s skeletal system including muscles, joints, and cartilage.

As beneficial as joint supplements for dogs are, why not consider a more holistic approach to managing the joint care of your dogs especially if they are puppies or very young? During normal daily activities, dog joints cope with a great deal of stresses and strains so, it makes sense to do all you can to keep your dog’s joints in the best condition possible to maintain maximum joint health.

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