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Why Does My Cats Poop Smell So Bad – Use This Solution

471Cat feces smell real bad, especially if the litter box is kept in a tight space or the house is not ventilated. Changing or cleaning the litter box frequently helps, as does the usage of activated charcoal and air fresheners.

But it also is because of the food your cat intakes. Yes, eating habits must be channeled into a proper diet because it happens with us humans too. Below are some suggestions on the diet your cat must follow.

It is easy to serve dry food but it has numerous side effects on your cat’s health. Like it increases the amount of carbohydrates your cat consume and thus decreases the water content in the feces which results in emanation of bad odor. Diabetes and bladder stones are a couple of the many health problems you cat can be prone to due to the consumption of dry food.
For this, you must serve the dry food by adding warm water to it before you serve it. Allow the water to sit for a minute and soften the food. This gravy like food is easier to digest and provides the much needed moisture to the diet.

Use of Probiotics

Like us humans, cats’ digestive systems are highly sensitive. Eating the wrong food, being in stress or consuming something that is not meant for them can upset their stomachs and cause a very bad odor in their feces.

The company Purina provides with an odorless supplement called FortiFlora. This can be sprinkled on cat food to add Probiotics, the good bacteria that improve the regulation of the digestive system. This is effective and very healthy for your cat and also your nose.

Food Additives

Put a food additive into the cat’s drinking water. This will help control ammonia production which is a cause for the odor. One such product is Earth Balance G-Whiz; it doesn’t affect the food or water’s taste. A few drops are enough to control the odor in the cat’s urine and feces.

It is a Veterinarian approved product and not harmful. But it must be given along with the changed and balanced diet of your cat. Take a look at auto cat litter box reviews hints and tips on this page.

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