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Cat Urine Odor Removal Smart Ideas

51RhtfDlVuL._SY300_Considering the natural creatures the cats are, we cannot shun them nor stop them from passing urine anywhere in the house. However, we can train them to use a litter box. And, trust me, they learn it real quick. But the question here is to get rid of the cat urine odor – how to remove the cat urine odor completely and breath uncontaminated oxygen?

People have come up with many ideas, and companies with many products. While some ideas are nothing but mere guidelines to keep the place clean, others go a step ahead and talk about even removing the urine odor from the air.

Clean, Don’t Spread

Firstly, you’ll have to spot the wet area. Then clean it with paper towel. Ensure that the urine doesn’t spread much on the floor or on the mat. Also, avoid ammonia-based cleaners because ammonia smell may bring back the cat to urinate at the same spot once again; thus, spoiling your carpet or mat for good. Lastly, switch on the fan or open the windows around so that the bad odor extinguishes with the air.

Use Household Products

Next time you visit a pet supply store; buy household products like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a regular detergent. These products easily remove cat urine odor. However, they have to be properly used. For instance: While using vinegar, it has to be mixed with 50% water to equal keep the mat/carpet safe and to remove the urine stench from it.

Try Commercial Products

If you’re satisfied with household products, then you may want to use cleaners and deodorizers to remove the odor completely. They are commercial products, but they really work. They remove the odor completely. However, avoid using heavy perfumes and scents.

These ideas are universally used and are not limited to a household or two. And if you wish to use them, follow the guidelines and read the instructions of commercial products. Take a look at auto litter boxes recommendations right here

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