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Learn How to Clean a Litter Box

Some cats are house-trained to use litter boxes, while others are self-trained. So, training is not an issue here. What’s important to discuss and learn is how to clean a litter box to avoid bad odor and unpleasant experience your cat may have. For that reason, we’d discuss few steps to clean the litter box and remove the excrement from it regularly.

catsmellflowerStep 1

Buy rubber gloves and wear them every time before attending the litter box. Cat litter may contain diseases, so it’s advisable to put-on use and throw rubber gloves. And, throw them once you are done using. Also, make sure not to reuse them for washing dishes or other utensils.

Step 2

Use tongs and plastic scoop to clear the mess everyday from the litter box. Remove all the dirt and moisture and put it in a plastic bag and close it tightly. Then dispose it off in a general trash.

Step 3

Clean the litter from the litter box and pour hot water in the box. Let it soak for sometime so that the dried excrement is removed. This is essential before finally cleaning the box with hot water and detergent. If this step is not followed, removing dried excrement becomes a tedious and an unhealthy task.

Step 4

Mix dishwashing detergent with hot water and wash the litter box using a brush. However, ensure that the detergent is not toxic and doesn’t affect cat’s health. After the box is washed, let it dry for some time.

Step 5

Once the cat litter box is dried, bring it back to its place. Sprinkle a layer of backing soda to reduce bad odor. Finally, add fresh cat litter in the box.

These steps trim down your efforts to clean a litter box. Just follow them and see how quickly you’ll be done with it. Learn auto litter box reviews suggestions here

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