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Best Way to Get Rid of Litter Box Smell

46Are you fed up of making an annoyed face when you enter your home and along with your friendly cat you are greeted by that odor of the litter box somewhere near? Are you tired of the battle for supremacy between your nicely scented home and a commanding litter box odor? Well, the following will aid you to win this battle of the smells.

Strategy No.1

Keep the litter box in a well-ventilated area with a fan to allow the flow of fresh air into the room. Keeping the litter pan in a garage or a room that is not directly connected to the main areas of the house is a good option as it keeps the odor at bay.

Strategy No.2

You may find the solution in the litter box itself. There are various brands of litter like scented litter or odor control litter. These can be found in most pet stores. Buying dust free litter is another option. This prevents the chalky smell after your cat covers her waste.

Strategy No.3

Keep the litter box clean. Scoop it at least once or twice a day so that the smell doesn’t take over your house. Scoop well, and take the bag and dispose of the litter immediately. This will prevent the odor from lingering in the house further.

Strategy No.4

Health is wealth and health also is prevention of bad smell. Your kitty must be fed with healthy food as an unbalanced diet leads to horribly smelling feces. Your cat has her own eating pattern and diet plan; do not give her unhealthy and human consumption intended food like fast food et al. This may cause diarrhea or excessive bowel movements.

Canned food- wet or dry will keep your cat healthy. Giving too much milk causes irregular bowel movements.

Strategy No.5

Usage of air fresheners and activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon) and scented candles is highly effective. Activated charcoal is widely used as an antidote to pet odor and is commonly suggested. It is effective and also cat friendly and it also reduces the risk that air fresheners usually cause if someone is allergic to a particular type of scent.

The above will surely help you keep the odor away and you home will welcome you with a lovely scent, everyday. Checkout auto cat litter boxes guide here

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