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How to Eliminate Litter Box Odor Part 2

Pets are a blessing to any household. They bring great joy, happiness, and friendship to everyone in your family and a great addition that you cannot imagine life without. However, with all of the positive aspects of owning a pet, namely cats, there are also a few negatives that come along with them.

If you own a cat, you know the main negative of having one of these lovable creatures- the dreaded litter box. Just the phrase alone makes many people shudder, and rightfully so. Litter boxes are not only disgusting to have to clean out, but they also have a stench that many people could live a thousand years without having to smell and be perfectly happy. Unfortunately, as a cat owner you accept this responsibility.

Litter Box OdorBut owning a four-legged feline friend doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to subject yourself and the other members of the household to an incredibly unpleasant odor that will surely ruin any appetites or moods that you may have.

Despite popular belief, there are ways that you can help to reduce the amount of smell that comes from your cat’s litter box. Forget about the days when the aroma of your cat’s box overwhelms your desire for food as you are cooking, and begin to embrace being able to smell a fresh and clean home.

The Wonders Of Charcoal Activated Litter Boxes

You are probably wondering just what this actually means, but as long as you are aware that it will help, that is all you need to know.

In a nutshell- charcoal activated litter boxes are just as they sound. Using the power of carbon to absorb odors, you are able to eliminate and smells that may potentially be created and will have the ability to completely forget about the fact that a litter box even exists in your home!

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most-loved features of having a charcoal activated litter box is its natural aspects. Instead of using harmful chemicals that could potentially endanger you, your cat, and the environment, charcoal is a naturally occurring chemical that will allow for you to be comfortable in your decision to use a special product in order to reduce the order from your cat’s litter box.

How To Make Your Very Own Charcoal Litter Box

You are probably wondering where you can purchase a charcoal activated litter box, but that is the best thing about these products. You do not even have to purchase them! These items can be made at home from scratch, with the exception of the litter box of course.

  • Step One: The first step in creating a litter box that will reduce odors is to select a box that your cat will enjoy. While some felines enjoy a longer and narrower area, others enjoy a more squared shape that will give them a more centralized area to take care of their business. If you purchase a litter box that your cat doesn’t like, they won’t even take a second look at it and will completely ignore the gesture.
  •   Step Two: The second stage of creating a charcoal activated litter box is selecting the litter that will be used. During this process you can either purchase a commercial litter from the pet store, or make your own. More and more people are becoming aware of how to mix up their own litter. Since it is only made of clay chunks to begin with, this is incredibly easy to do. It has also been suggested that you are able to make effective cat litter out of corn kernels.
  • Step Three: The last main step is to add in the carbon filters. During this time you can either go to the store and purchase a pre-made carbon filter or make your own. The porous materials of these filters encourage ultimate odor absorption and will allow for your cat’s litter box to go virtually unnoticed.

Once you are all done with your charcoal activated litter box, the next step is to get your cat to actually use it. Obviously, there is no point to it if the cat will not use it, so it’s important to learn just how to ensure that Fluffy will feel safe and comfortable in their new location. You may need to consider automatic litter box if manual model is not your thing.

The main priority that you should have is finding a location for the box. Often, you’ll have to move the litter box to multiple locations in the household, but what you are essentially looking for is a quiet spot that is away from the normal hustle and bustle of the household. Have a look at automatic cat litter boxes reviews guide on this page

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