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Litter Box for Small Spaces Tips – Remove the Odor Completely

If you live in a small apartment and don’t have separate space for cat’s litter box, then there are chances that the litter box odor may spread around the house. This could probably mean an annoying and intolerable situation for you and the people who live in the house. Therefore, there is a solution to it. You can utilize the even the smallest space without having to smell the bad odor.
Litter Box Small Space Tips

Choose the Right Box and Litter

  • A self-cleaning litter box is suitable for houses that have rather less space. This box self-cleans itself every time your cat uses it. However, to get one for your cat, you’ll have to shell out anywhere between $100 and $200. Check out many models in the market and pick the one with best consumer reviews so far.
  • If self-cleaning litter box doesn’t fit your requirement, then a box with a swinging door and filter will be a best fit. It’s not just easy cleaning, but confines the litter smell to the size of the box.

Area around Litter Box and It’s Cleaning

  • Most likely the area near cat’s litter box is more prone to bad odor, litter, and dirt that falls out of it. So, you’ll have to purchase appropriate litter and a deodorizer and keep it near the box. Thus, it helps you clean the area near the litter box on time and abstain from the unpleasant odor and debris.

Cleaning the Air

  • Masks and artificial sprays & perfumes might blend with the litter box smell and produce even more annoying odor. Hence, the best option is to clean out the air regularly. If you’ve a window where litter box is placed, place a fan facing the litter box so that the air

If above mentioned points are considered, then even little space in the house can be effectively utilized. And you won’t even have to smell the bad odor.

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