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Creating Your Own Activated Charcoal Litter Box to Kill the Odor Off!

41Pets are adorable, but like human babies, they are also messy and tire you a lot to keep them neat and tidy. Cats are the most owned of all pets and the most lovable too. There is always a scare of them getting hurt if they roam outdoors and so most of you like to train your cats to litter indoors, even if the odor can make you go ‘Ewww.’ Thus experts suggest the use of activated carbon to absorb odors effectively.


  • Keeping in mind your cat’s preference, choose a litter box. Some like long open plastic dishpans while others like to defecate inside a shielded box, a covered box. Experts suggest that a large litter box is more comfortable than a compact one.
  • You can either select a readymade litter or make your own. Granulated clay, wood chips, mainly cedar, and a mixture of clay and other materials can be found consisting in commercial litters. Some litters form clumps, thus making it easy to clean.
  • Add carbon filters; homemade or commercial to the litter box. Active carbon, activated carbon, activated charcoal refers to a charcoal processed to be more porous and with an expanded surface area which has amazing absorbent qualities.
  • It is recommended that you make your own charcoal filter. You can get the supply from pet and hardware stores. Wrap four or more tablespoon amount of carbon in layers of fabric like cheesecloth that is used as a cooking accessory. Tie the bundle tightly using twine and bury it in the litter. You can even use a readymade charcoal filter.
  • It is highly important that the location of the litter box is easily accessible. Your cat mustn’t find it too far to reach and substitute the litter box with a houseplant or a soft piece of cloth like a towel.
  • You must experiment by placing the litter box at different locations around the house. Keep the litter box on a padded material like a door mat in order to protect the floor surface.

If you want your cat to be indoors and also do not want to make your tongues and noses sour with bad odor, an active charcoal buried deep within the litter box is your only solution to drain the air off the stinky smell. You may interested to read auto cleaning cat litter box guideline

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