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How to Remove Litter Box Smell With Minimal Efforts

The misconceptions that still do rounds are all worth neglecting for good. For example: You need tons of litter to remove litter box smell. Or, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars every month just to ensure the bad odor is removed.

Remove Litter Box SmellWell, there are many more myths that are doing rounds too. Giving them attention will only stop you from owning a pet and training her to use a litter box. So, it’s better to avoid them and read the simple few steps written below and follow them. That’s it.

  1. Place a litter box at a corner of a house yet make sure that it’s accessible to your cat. Keeping it in a corner means to confine the smell from spreading all over the house.
  2. Train your cat to utilize a litter box every time she needs to go to the bathroom. This helps you to keep away the cat’s feces and urine from the carpets and mats.
  3. Now, coming to the important part – how do you remove litter box smell without having to spend hundreds of dollars or buying tons of litter? Keep the litter box clean and use products such as baking soda.
  4. People may argue about use of baking soda to remove the smell. But, it really works. One has to try it out.
  5. Scoop the litter from the box, pour hot water to remove dried feces from the bottom or corner of the litter box, wash the box using a regular household detergent, and wait for it to dry completely.
  6. Finally, before pouring fresh litter into the box, add a little quantity of baking soda to it. It acts as a great mineral that removes the bad odor from the litter box.

Baking soda has been an environmental safe mineral for decades now. It’s been used to clean carpets, kitchens, drains, and also to remove the bad odor from refrigerators and of course the litter boxes. Why don’t just give it a try? Checkout automatic cat litter box for multiple cats hints and tips

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