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The Risks Of Using Covered Litter Box

If you go shopping for a litter box, you’ll find two types – one, covered litter box, two, uncovered litter box. Both have their own pros and cons. However, since you’re interested to find out about the former one, here’s some valuable information you’ll love reading. But, first let us explain what covered litter boxes are and what separates them from uncovered ones.

Covered Litter Box

Risks Of Using Covered Litter BoxCovered litter box are ordinary boxes with a hood covering the pan. The only difference is the size and type of the hood. It comes in various types based on the size and quality of the pan. They don’t cost you any extra money and are available at pet supply stores and stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer.

Few covered litter box types include – dome litter box, rectangular pan, concealed litter box, and automatic litter box.

Pros of Covered Litter Box

  • The odor of feces and urine is restricted to the litter box. Thus, allowing you to roam around it without having to smell awful odor.
  • Cats cannot fling litter quite easily. As a result, there’s less mess near the box.
  • Like we humans, even some cats prefer privacy. So covered litter box can give them exactly that.
  • Besides those advantages to the cats, the box looks attractive and is safer for cats.

Cons of Covered Litter Box

  • Cats may refuse to use litter box because it’s difficult for them to go in and come out frequently.
  • Though these boxes don’t cost much, they’re expensive compared to the uncovered boxes.
  • Cleaning is yet another disadvantage. Removing litter, washing the box with dishwashing detergent, hot water and brush may probably take more time and effort.
  • There are filters that should be regularly replaced creating a recurring expense.

There are more pros and cons but you’ll have to research further to know them. But, only by knowing the above mentioned few, you can easily select a litter box for your cat.

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