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Enclosed Litter Box: Privacy and Comfort

A problem that most cat owners face is that their cats’ litter brings mess to their house, coupled by the odor that goes with it. The litter box can also be an eyesore in the house and it can be quite embarrassing for pet owners when they have guests visiting. Cat owners need not worry anymore as we have seen cat litter boxes evolve into different designs that match what the cat owners are looking for and making it look more pleasing in the eyes.

Enclosed Litter BoxTraining a pet cat to use a covered cat litter box can be quite a challenge for some pet owners. The key really is, it should be large enough for the cat to be able to maneuver itself comfortably within the confines of its litter box.

  • Compared to automatic litter box, covered model is also a preferred choice for pet owners who have both a cat and a dog in the household. Most enclosed litter box are dog proof. The need to have a dog proof litter box is essential as this would control the mess on cat litter. Dogs are attracted to the smell of cat litter and this attraction can get quite messy.
  • Enclosed cat litter boxes limit or eliminate the odor of cat litter which keeps the dogs at bay from making a mess out of the litter. The size of the opening of these covered litter pans also allows only cats to enter the litter box.
  • Covered cat litter box is the preferred choice for cat owners who do not have a garden or lawn where their cat can do the deed or there is a threat of predators to their pet cats. It is also the best choice for cats that are already too old or sick.
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