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Affordability and Functionality with Sifting Litter Box

Unlike high priced automatic litter box, the sifting model is  least expensive litter box available without having to deal with the the messy scooping. Before the automatic and the more innovative litter box models and designs came out, there was the conventional sift litter box that we are all accustomed to, but this started to get unpopular when you compare it to the need for continuous cleaning and scooping of your cat’s waste. Despite the high end automatic litter boxes available in the market today, many still go back to the basic, and the sifting cat litter box is still here to stay.

Sifting Litter BoxThe conventional litter box is very simple in design and mechanics. It is usually composed of a minimum of 2 pans, commonly rectangular in design. Of the two pans, one pan with a sifting screen on the bottom placed on top of the other. They come in all sizes and shapes, others with more than 4 available pans depending on your usage.

Like most products, the sifting litter box has also evolved. Not all the sifting kitty litter boxes that you see today are created equal. While the manual sifting process is required, the many ways on how to do it and with what have become varied.

A sifting cat litter box makes use of the regular clumping litter. Sifting and cleaning the box will depend on how often it becomes full. Sifting entirely depends on the cat owner as this is done manually.

The most popular and widely used sifting litter boxes are the following:

The Van Ness Sifting Litter Box

The Van Ness sifting litter box is very much the traditional kitty litter box we know. It has one sifting pan on top of a regular rectangular pan. You can add up to a number of sifting pans on top of the other as preferred. Usually those who have less time cleaning the pans prefer to have more pans allowing them time to clean and used pans while still have fresh pans available.

When the pan is full and requires cleaning, the pan on top is removed to allow manual sifting, the clean litter is dropped down to the base of the pan. The accumulated clumped litter and cat waste are thrown away and the sifting pan returned to its original position on top of the base pan. As this sifting litter box is made of plastic, cleaning can be done with soap and water. The Van Ness sifting litter box makes use of regular clumping litter. It may require replenishment from time to time.

Similar designed sifting kitty litter boxes of other brands are also made of plastic or metal, having the same cleaning and sifting process.

The SageKing Sifting Litter Box

The conventional sifting cat litter box is usually open and the litter exposed. The SageKing sifting litter box is designed similar to a covered box that allows the cat to go into the box. The box is actually two parts locked into one. When sifting is required, the top part of the box is taken off and a sifting gate that is built-in the box is easily locked for sifting is to be done. Once this is done and clumped litter and cat waste are disposed off, the half part of the box is easily returned locking the two in place, giving you a fresh and clean sifting kitty litter box.

Its design is more of a triangular dome, which is a new addition to the array of sifting litter boxes available for purchase in the market.

The SageKing sifting litter box also makes use of the regular clumping litter and can be cleaned and washed with soap and water.

The Lift and Sift Litter Box

The Lift and Sift litter box is another type of sift litter box that provides for a sifting pan on top of a base pan. While other sifting kitty litter boxes are open with their handles to the sides of the pan, this sifting litter box has locks on the side of the pan for added security so that waste and litter does not scatter outside the box.

When sifting, the top lid is taken out and the locks opened. Sifted waste is easily disposed off and the top tray conveniently returned on top of the base tray and the locks in place and the box is again clean and ready for another cycle of your cat’s activities.

This lift and sift cat litter box is also made of plastic and can be cleaned and washed with soap and water.

Another commonly used sifting cat litter box is a single base pan using sifting litter box liners. These liners are disposable and placed on top of the base pan before fresh and clean litter is placed. When the litter box is full you will only need to remove the liners sifting the waste from the litter at the same time. What is left in the box is the clean litter and the waste immediately thrown away to the trash. It is also a very convenient way to maintain your litter box. Only the base pan requires cleaning with soap and water as the liners should be disposed of after every sifting use.

The best feature of the sifting litter box is doing away with the menial task of scooping clumped litter and waste. Scooping bring about health risk as well as having to be exposed to bad odor. Sifting makes your litter maintenance less worrisome and hassle-free.

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