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How Many Litter Boxes Should One Buy?

The questions that bug most cat owners are how many litter boxes should one buy? Is there any trouble in keeping only one litter box for multiple cats, or do you need a separate litter box for each cat? Such questions are commonly heard from pet owners or cat owners to be more specific.

The basic rule for number of litter box is to have one for each cat, plus one extra. For example: if you’ve only one cat, then you need two litter boxes. And, if you’ve two or three cats, then you need three or four litter boxes respectively. The placement does matter in case of litter boxes. If you place all the litter boxes side by side, then that’s not a good idea.

How Many Litter BoxKeep litter boxes at separate places i.e. at a distance so that they can be easily cleaned, maintained, and they provide ample privacy to the cats as well. Apart from that, the other reason why separate litter box should be kept at a distance is because cats are clean animals; they easily get offended by the odor and unclean litter box. As a result, they end up using floor or carpets for doing their business.

Therefore, place the boxes at least few feet apart so that the cats have clean litter boxes to use, and at the same time get the privacy they deserve.

Hopefully, your questions are answered by now. But, if you’re still in doubt, then here’s some more information you would find interesting and helpful to read.

Earlier, when litter box were not too common, people use to buy only one for any number of cats they have. But, with passing time, things have changed; changed for a better and clean lifestyle – for the cats, and also for their owners. Today, we’ve have many brands offering litter boxes that are a perfect fit for your cat. In fact, there are custom-made litter boxes available in the market too.

Moreover, even the litter is sold by many companies which are present in pet stores across the country. Also, the litter and its box both don’t cost much. So, now even the cost factor shouldn’t stop you from having a separate litter box for each cat you have.

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