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Kitten Litter Box – Tips Before You Buy

Kitten Litter BoxIt’s a common truth that most people surrender their cats to animal shelters so that they don’t have to clean the litter box time and time again. And sadly, the reason is nothing but mere unawareness of the procedures and guidelines. Therefore, we’d discuss kitten litter box tips to help the pet owners maintain their house neat and clean, and at the same time allow their cats to enjoy their freedom.

Have a Large Size Litter Box

Just when your cat is tired, it goes in the litter box and sleeps on previously deposited waste. This happens when a litter box is small. Therefore, it’s important to purchase a box that’s big in size and has ample space for the cat to dig on two or more different locations side by side.

Pour Clumping Litter in the Box

Cats prefer sandy texture to sit and discrete the waste from their body. In a litter box, pouring clumping litter gives cats the sandy texture they want and also makes it convenient for the owners to clean the box and restrict the odor to minimum.

Place at an Accessible Area

Generally, we hear the real estate agents shouting “location, location, location”, but we fail to hear our cats saying the same. When a litter box is placed at an inaccessible area in the house, you’ll notice cats running from one place to another and finally answering the call where they stand. So, to avoid this situation – place the litter box at an area that’s easily accessible to the cats.

Clean it Regularly

It doesn’t take much time to clean a litter box. Remove the litter, pour hot water and let the dirt attached to the box dry, use a brush and a detergent to clean the box, and finally use vinegar or any other solution to remove the odor as well. It hardly takes 5 minutes every day.

These simple tips to follow and you’ll never ever want to give your cat to animal shelters again.

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