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Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats Tips Part 2

People love adding more cats to their feline family, but unfortunately multiple cats, and their litter box maintenance becomes an overwhelming task. Some steps have to be taken to solve the problem to make cumbersome maintenance a stress-free process. But since not most of us are aware of the steps for regular cleaning of litter box for multiple cats, we furnish little information in this article, which can help you out.

Litter Box For Multiple CatsOne Litter Box for Each Cat

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has set guidelines for the pet owners. According to it, any pet owner should need one separate litter box for each cat. It reduces the inappropriate elimination in your home and also offers privacy to the cats. Besides that, there behavioral problems can be easily understood.

Scoop the Boxes Daily

Litter boxes have to be scooped daily to prevent bad odors and remove the waste that sticks to it. Pour fresh litter regularly in the box and don’t change the brands too often. It may result in change in texture and fragrance, thus, stopping the cats from using the box.

Multiple Boxes Cleaning

In you have multiple cats, then you need to clean more than one litter box for sure. In such situations, you’ll have to see to it that all the boxes are cleaned on time. Therefore, schedule time table for doing so. It makes the task less tedious and equally helpful for any member of the house.

Separate Feeding Stations and Beds

Each cat requires it own space – whether it is for passing urine or feces, for sleeping, or for resting food. It’s important, as pet owners, to allocate separate sleeping place and food stations for each cat you’ve. It eliminates confusion and creates a friendly atmosphere for the felines.

Pet Water Fountains

You’ve cats who love drinking from the sink. Purchase two or more pet water fountains and give your pets a source to drink fresh water.

If all these guidelines are taken into account, you’ll probably see the litter box troubles going away. Each cat will have its own litter box, a separate food station, and a different water fountain. The chances of cat fights will diminish to a large extent.

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