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Multiple Cats Litter Box Tips Part 1

Owning a pet cat means companionship, unlimited fulfillment and joy in life. But, it comes with responsibility – commitment towards the animal by providing special care which he/she deserves. According to the Pet Product Manufacturers Association, 71 percent of felines live in the homes in the US.
Multiple Cats Litter Box Tips Part 1

  • When people have more than one cat in their home, they tend to treat them all alike. However, the problem arises when a new cat is left alone along with the old cats. Such situations may result in the new one facing a tough time. Therefore, when a new cat is introduced to your cat family, ensure that it’s kept in a separate room and is provided with its own food in the beginning. Later, with passing time, it can jingle around with the other cats.
  • Cats are clean and social animals, but they need training and supervision to utilize a litter box and socialize with other cats rapidly. So, provide them with ample training about using the litter box, and supervise them so that they easily socialize with the others.
  • Subsequent to training your cats, it’s important that you’ve a separate litter box for each cat, and one extra. For example: If you’ve like 3 cats, then you need to have 4 litter box that are placed at few feet distance from each other. This helps the cats to figure out which box to use and which not to.
  • Give your felines the comfort zone and the privacy they are entitled to. It reduces the tensions between them and gives them enough reasons to stay relaxed.
  • With all that being said, having number of felines doesn’t mean odor problems for your home. There are specially formulated neutralizers in the market that reduce the bad odor to a great extent. They aren’t costly. They remove the bad odor from the air and leave clean and hygienic air for the people and also for the cats.

People with a lot of cats face a lot of trouble and anxiety because of litter box issues. They find it really cumbersome to regularly clean the box. Whereas, there are techniques with which the litter box issues can be cleaned in less than 30 minutes.

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