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Why You Need Outdoor Cat Litter Box

Cats are clean animals, no doubt about it. When they eliminate waste anywhere in the house, it means that they don’t have a proper place to do their business. As a result, you’ll have your cat urinating and passing feces on the carpet and on the floor. Therefore, it’s important to have a litter box inside and outside the house.

But why would you need an outdoor cat litter box? Well, here are some reasons listed below.

Outdoor Litter BoxReason # 1

The first and foremost reason why an outdoor litter box should be created is that it relieves the pressure off of your indoor litter box. This is an essential thing, if you’ve multiple cats. It restricts the cat’s elimination in the house and keeps all the odor and mess outside the house.

Reason # 2

The reason why outdoor cat litter box is important is because it consolidates the waste of the cat to a confined area. It so happens that sometimes, the ground is too hard for the cats to dig. Therefore, they stick only to one area rather than scattering around and urinating anywhere they want. This reduces the maintenance work for the pet owner, and gives the cats freedom to do what they want but in a restricted yet open area.

Reason # 3

You spend so much money on litter for the multiple litter boxes you’ve for your cats. It could be because you aren’t sure how much Oil-Dri costs. Oil-Dri is nothing but non-clumping kitty litter that costs less and is mostly used for outdoor litter box. Stores like Wal-Mart sell big bags of Oil-Dri for less than $10. It has around 33lb of material.

Reason # 4

Outdoor litter boxes are kind of a permanent solution for the litter box problems. Unlike, plastic inside litter boxes, you don’t have to replace them or buy new ones every now and then. You can use tools like claw hammer, sledge hammer, shovel, tape measure or yard stick, and skill saw or hand saw to make an outdoor litter box. These tools properly create a strong box.

The reasons are valuable and acceptable. If you too consider them valuable, you too can have an outdoor litter box for your cat.

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