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Portable Litter Box: Tips To Travel With Cats

Portable Litter BoxCats need a litter box when they accompany you on a road trip or a long distance travel journey. They should not be made to hold urine for a long time. It could result in bladder infections. Fortunately, portable litter boxes are available in the market. A perfect solution for cat’s reliving problem especially during travel purposes.

There are viable methods that cat owners should follow to make their travel a pleasant journey. Here are uncomplicated steps you’ll have to follow for proper use of portable litter boxes:

  1. Pack a bag of litter and keep it in the trunk or any place that’s easily accessible – because, you’ll have to replace the litter in the box several times during the entire vacation.
  2. Unfold a portable litter box and place it in the car. If there’s no place in it, put the box in the car’s carrier. However, you’ll have to move out of the car every few hours to see if she needs to use the litter box.
  3. Fill the litter box with two to three inches of litter. Don’t fill it to the top, it makes the box heavy and at the same time makes it inevitable to manage the litter box.
  4. Throw the litter after one or two uses. Either put the litter in a trash can or a plastic bag. Use a wet cloth and clean the bottom of the litter box to ensure that even the dried feces is removed from it.
  5. Pour fresh litter and place the box back in the car, and move on.

Apparently, these are only steps that are viable for those who want to carry portable litter box. Following these steps will keep your car clean, your cat pleasant, and the litter box ready to use for the next time.

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