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Litter Box Placement Guide – Where to Keep Litter Box?

Placement of Cat litter box shouldn’t be taken easily. It should not be placed anywhere just for the sake of it because cats are really fussy about their litter box. It obvious that you don’t want the litter box near your kitchen or bedroom; instead, you want it placed at an area where the cat is comfortable using it.

Before proceeding to the factors for litter box placement, let’s discuss one rule i.e. plus one rule: one litter box for every cat, plus one extra. This is because most cats don’t share their litter box with others. And some even don’t poop and pee in the same box. So, it’s always better to have one litter per cat and of course an extra box in a ready to use condition.

Factors for Litter Box Placement


The first and foremost factor while placing a litter box is to consider the privacy of the cat. Area where the box is placed should provide privacy to the cat. They like privacy not because of modesty, but because of fear of being ambushed.
Litter Box Placement

Quite Location

Place a litter box at a place where there’s no noise. Avoid keeping it near washing machines, and other appliances that makes noise. Not doing so will affect your cat and stress her while using the litter box.

Away from Food

Along with the sanitary and hygienic reasons, do respect their fastidious nature keep the food at a fair distance from the litter box.

Don’t Make them Climb Stairs

Though cats easily roam up and down stairs, the young kittens and older cats may have problem climbing stairs in case of emergency. Therefore, it’s better to place the litter box on the same floor where the cat stays with you.

This is valuable information to assist cat owners in placing litter box. It can be of great use if properly put into practice. Take a look at automatic kitty litter boxes suggestions on this page

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