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Best Ways to Hide a Litter Box

You may love your cat very much but you have to admit the fact that the idea of keeping a litter box in your home, along with the beautiful furniture, is kind of tough. No matter what you do or where you keep it, the litter box always is an oddity.
But there are a number of ways to decorate and disguise a litter box. Below are few.

Mask it Under a Piece of Furniture

It is probably one of the most ‘goes with the decoration’ ways to disguise the litter box. Place the litter box inside a piece of furniture or buy manufactured litter box furniture from your local pet store. This manufactured litter box can be bought in the form of planters, cabinets or end tables. A real end table is also a good option to keep the litter box under.

Ways to Hide a Litter BoxAnother option is to keep the litter box away from places that are commonly visited by guests, places more intimate like the bathroom of your master bedroom.

Hide it Under Nature’s fold

Plants can be used to surround the litter box. Real plants or silk plants will do the trick as they are tall enough. It will also be fun for your cat to go through the plants but using real plants can also back fire you as your cat may use the dirt in the plants instead of the litter box.

You can also use a screen, like a fireplace screen and they usually are of the same size.

Place it in Your Cat’s Home- Inside or Behind the Condo

Yes, you have a readymade, and cat friendly and space saving solution! The Cat Condo! Placing the litter box behind or inside the cat condo will not only save the space and act as a perfect disguise, it also will be easier for you to train your cat to use the litter box as she doesn’t mind it if it’s near to where she plays or sleeps.

Some Miscellaneous Ideas

Installing a kitty door in the garage and keeping the litter box in the garage is another way. Make sure that the garage door is closed though. You may interested to read automatic cleaning litter box reviews information here

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