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How to Hide a Cat Litter Box – Cat Litter Box Hider Tips

Cat owners enjoy their lives with their feline friends. They are trustworthy, reliable, and just an overall great presence to have in the household. However, one of the biggest downfalls that any owner is well aware of is the unsightly litter box.

Everyone argues who is going to clean it out, and everyone dreads the time the furry family member needs to take care of business because of the overwhelming stench that fills the house. But what if you could eliminate this problem? No, it’s not a dream, it is in fact reality.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Chances are that you have heard this saying at one point or another during your lifetime. Many people wonder how it can play part in owning a litter box, but those who have taken actions to make this phrase a part of their lives will tell you just how much of a difference that it will make. Although the removal of the visual of a litter box will not completely eliminate its presence, it will indefinitely help to do so.

Many people struggle to find a place to home their cat’s litter box, which is understandable. Essentially, you are doing some interior decorating for your feline and you are trying to find a place that they will be secluded, comfortable, and most importantly out of your sight. Unfortunately, corners and hiding spots behind the washer only go so far and easily become quite obvious for a few reasons.

However, there are a few different ways that you can eliminate having to look at the unsightly visual of a litter box and you will be able to truly forget about the existence of it. By the time you learn about all of the creative ways to disguise it, you won’t even remember what a litter box is!

Cat Litter Box Hider Litter Box Furniture

It may seem a bit offbeat, but litter box furniture is a very real thing, and well-loved for that matter. Manufacturers are getting much better about answering exactly what the consumers want, and they have finally found ways to get rid of the ugly appearance of a litter box.

Companies are now making specialized furniture that is created just for hiding a litter box. What may look like an end table to one individual could be a litter box cover for a cat owner. There are also pieces of furniture that are designed as though they are planters.

That’s right, you can have your favorite fern or other house plant in doors just where you want it, and directly underneath no one will ever know that your cat’s litter box is present. Though it isn’t a permanent scent solution, these attractive options for covering up the existence of a litter box will surely attract most every cat owner and enable them to be a bit more at ease about having a litter box in the first place.

Boxes with Borders
Another wonderful way to disguise your cat’s litter box is to really cover it up. This means, use any product that you may have in order to surround the box. Individuals often use things such as fireplace screens, baby gates, or a sort of curtain to go around the area of the litter box.

This will not only help to ensure that you don’t see all of the unattractive things that come along with the litter box, but it will also help your feline feel more protected, secure, and have a more private setting so that they can be more comfortable with their box.

Kitty Condo

Cat condos are a favorite addition to many households for a number of reasons. They are fun and provide your cat with a great place to play, scratch, and frolic as they please without you sacrificing your furniture. Often possessing features such as scratching posts and small toys, kitty condos may be expensive, but they are without a doubt worth every single penny.

However, kitty condos aren’t just for play time anymore. Covering up your litter box with one of these items is incredibly easy and should be considered by anyone who owns on. All that you have to do is simply place the litter box at the bottom of the cat condo, as well as some sort of curtain if you feel it necessary, and voila! Hiding a litter box has never been easier than today with all of the options that you have available to you on the market now. Have a look at automatic litter boxes for cats hints and tips right here.

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