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Types of Cat Litter Boxes That Look Like Furniture

Looking for a litter boxes that look like furniture? The world is changing and how fast. From computer to tablet, last few decades have brought a revolution in our lives. Today, even the clothes we wear or our pets wear are specially designed and are worth hundreds of dollars. It doesn’t end just there – we do have designer cat litter boxes too. These litter boxes are made on order from pet owners and they are of different types and designs.

Designer cat litter pans are available in covered and uncovered types. Covered pans have hood covering the pan, while uncovered ones are pans with litter on it. Anyway, here are different types of designer cat litter boxes:Hidden Boxes

Cat Litter Boxes That Look Like FurnitureWell, hidden box is not a traditional litter box with a pan. In fact, it looks totally different and could be anything. Few use this type as a décor item as well. So, it does two things at one time – add to the beauty of the house and solve the problem of pet’s feces and urine.

Fancy Boxes

Fancy boxes are a new rage in the designer cat litter box market. These litter boxes come with necessary accessories to clean the cat’s urine and avoid the bad odor. Besides that, cleaning them is a simple task as well. Moreover, they look like decorative piece too.

Litter Box with a Purpose

Having a dog and a cat as a pet is good, but things get bad when dogs enters the litter box and drags cat’s feces all over the house. To avoid such situations, designers have come up with litter box with a purpose. These boxes are small. And the purpose of such design is to restrict dog’s entry into the litter box.

Simple Designed Boxes

Seeing your cat in a simple yet cute box could bring smile on your face. Therefore, designers do have simple designed boxes that are made only for the purpose.

A designer litter box is made according to the will of the pet owner. Thus, solving all the issue related to cat’s waste or feces and urine. Please check automatic cleaning litter boxes guideline right here

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