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How to Stamp Your Authority- To Avoid Stamping on Cat Poop

how to get cats to use litter boxIt’s hard to catch up with the cats when they are in a rush, isn’t it? Be it your home kitty who likes to use your garden as its pooping territory or a neighborhood cat who thinks your garden is a public litter box, it is a stench filled job to clean up their mess.

But there are ways to drill this in the cats’ head that their behavior is not encouraged. Here we state some of them:

  • Plant organic catnip in a corner of your garden will make the cats go to the patch, eat and roll in it and this catnip will make them disoriented and they will return to their own homes and litter boxes, disappointed.
  • Bug them by placing pine cones and rocks around your garden. Trust me; they do not like the prickly feel under their soft feet.
  • Now place rubber mats with tiny rubber spikes beneath the soil. Of course they are harmless but they are also not likeable.
  • Keep their litter box clean at all times, make them use it regularly as they are hygiene lovers. They will go looking for cleaner grounds if you don’t keep their litter box clean.
  • Repel them off by using a harmless yet irritating spray repellent. It works for both cats and dogs and is available at your local pet store.
  • Put mothballs in your potted plants and make a grid by placing them around the garden.
  • Go hi-tech. Place inexpensive battery motion sensors that will start off an alarm every time the cat trips them. Well, they won’t dare cross them after 1 or 2 times.
  • Redirect your cat to her litter box by scooping up the feces from the garden and putting them in the litter box, so that it can smell its scent in the box and redirect itself.
  • Take your cat to a veterinarian. Check if it is suffering through some sort of stress which is making her behave in this manner.

All the best for your little battle of wits to keep your garden odor free! Take a look at best automatic litter box for multiple cats recommendations right here.

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