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Cat Litter Box Problem – How Are They Solved?

Cat litter box problems are not new; they have existed ever since litter box became an essential item in every house. Most pet owners prefer to choose regular litter box instead of automatic cleaning litter box,  unfortunately when cats find litter box dirty, they may choose to doing their business by going to the toilet.

Cats end up urinating and passing feces on the floor and on carpets, making it vulnerable to clean for the owners. Therefore, a cat has to be properly litter box trained. So that, she does what she has to in a litter box. But, despite of proper training, if your cat doesn’t use a litter there could be some problems that should be solved.Cat Litter Box Problem

The problems and their solutions are briefly discussed in the following content. Check it out:

  • Changing the litter brand is a problem. This can be solved by using the same brand of litter for a long time. Or, retrain your cat with new litter brand in the box.
  • When a litter brand is changed, the fragrance also changes. And cats maybe unwilling to accept a change in fragrance.
  • Change of litter box location is yet another problem why cats refuse to a box to do their business. Therefore, don’t immediately change the location. Instead, change the location and show the cat the new place and help her get accustomed to it.
  • Sometimes, even without any change in litter box position or the litter brand, cats pass urine and feces on the carpet and on the floor. In such situations, there’s a need to consult a veterinarian because there could be any medical problems with your pet.
  • Cat paws are soft and sensitive. They don’t stand itching and burning sensation for a long time. This is an important problem that needs to be resolved. So, you’ll have to check out their paws and ensure that there are no sores on them.

Apart from these problems and their solutions, there are other problems too that your cat will tell you herself. She not using a litter box is a sign to find problem and solution.


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