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How to Make Your Cat Urinate Inside the Litter Box

Cat not urinating in litter box? One of the troubles cat owners usually have is that of their cats failing to use the Litter Box properly. Reasons could be the usual bad aim and the less usual medical problem. Well, problems differ according to the situation. But every problem has a solution and we have for yours, below.

Switch to a More Spacious Box

Cat Not Urinating In Litter BoxIt happens that your cat thinks that he is inside the litter box and thus urinates down the box. He climbs in and his rear slightly protrudes outside the box. Keep a note of it and if this is the case, switch to a larger box.

Care for the Cat’s Nose

Like you and I, cats are also sensitive to certain scents. Some fillers prove to be too uncomfortable and as cats have a sharp sense of smell, these might prick them. Search for a filler which your cat likes or simply keep an unscented Litter Box if that is what he wants.

An Option of Spaying

Like their wilder cousins, many cats like to mark their territory by urinating on them as a smell is intricately different from the other. This, of course, is done only when you have more than one cat in the house. And the chances of not letting it do this are less, hence there is an option of spaying or neutering your cat.

A friendlier option is to buy another Box for your second cat.

Keep an Eye out for UTI- Urinary Tract Problem

This problem is not to be taken lightly as this might be deadly for your beloved cat. One of the symptoms of this dreaded disease is that your cat urinates against walls other than of the Litter Box. Consult a Veterinarian immediately. This will quell your fears (of a disease) or will provide your cat with the medical attention needed.

Play the Tough One, Use a Squirt Gun

Your cat might be protesting or relieving his stress by urinating on the outside of the wall. Use a Squirt Gun. Trust me, it works.

It is of utmost importance that you take good care of your cat and tend to its needs, both basic and important. Checkout automatic kitty litter box reviews guide here

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