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Cat Sleeping in Litter Box – Is it Natural?

Like human beings, cats too don’t eliminate where they eat and sleep. If a cat does that, then she is trying to explain something to its owner. Some lousy problem that feline wishes to convey yet fails to do so every time. So, here’s how you should make out what’s wrong with the cat:

Health Problems

When a cat sleeps in a litter box, there must be something wrong with her. Usually, they don’t sleep there. So, when you notice your cat sleeping where she usually doesn’t, it’s time to consult a veterinarian. Urinary disorder can be one reason besides many other – they, the cats, feel constant need to urinate. Hence, they don’t leave the litter box and end up sleeping in it.

Safety Measure

Apart from health problems, cats do sleep in litter box because they find it a safe haven. It’s only place where they find complete privacy and are not disturbed even by little kids. Apparently, this could be another reason.

Litter Brand Change

Litter is available in multiple brands in the market. When a litter brand is changed, it can make your cat sleep in the box. The cats often don’t consider a box with new litter as a place to eliminate, and so they may simply show their displeasure by sleeping on it rather than eliminating the waste.

I am not sure why, but my cat stop sleep in litter box once i change it with one of these automatic cat litter boxes. There are other reasons too. But, one thing is sure – it’s not natural to see cats sleeping in a litter box. Thus, when you come across a cat that sleeps in the box, act promptly and solve the problem. As a result, both you and your cat would be stress free and lead a healthy life. You can place another litter box at any other area in the house so that cat gets rid of the sleeping in the box.

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