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Does Your Cat Urinates Outside Litter box?

Cat urinates outside litter box? Like us, using a Litter Box for relieving herself is a logical option for a cat. But if she avoids it for peeing elsewhere, then we must presume that she has a problem. If reasoning has brought you here, then pondering on the below will eliminate your problem.

Problems Relating to Health

Cat Urinates Outside Litter BoxIt is always a wise thing to check the health of your cat. Major, minor or simple side effects can be the catalysts of the problem. Urinary Tract Infection being a common and dangerous one of these. So take your kitty to the Vet.

It may have Picked Up an Injury

An injury can make your cat eliminate near the box as it will be difficult for the cat to climb up into the Box cause of the pain and hence she tries to stay as near as possible to the Box.

Privacy Issues

It might be a problem of ego here as sharing the litter box is not an option for many cats. Buy a box each for your cats.

Cats are Hygiene Lovers

Cats, like we do, prefer a neat and well cleaned litter box. She doesn’t want to eliminate in a rather dirty box and may look for a cleaner place by herself.

Your Beloved Cat has Anxiety Issues

A change in the environment leads to anxiety. Stressful events and situations your cat is totally unfamiliar with can also make her react in a not to so happy-go-lucky way. Cats are very sensitive, even the relocation of the litter box can make her anxious!

A Matter of Pride

Cats are felines; they are like their relatives of the Wild. They like to mark their territory by peeing against the outer sides of the box so that the other cats don’t roam around. This is a normal behavior found in the male cats. There aren’t many options to solve this other than Spaying or Neutering your cat. Another option is to buy another litter Box for the rival cat and keep it away from your problem ridden cat.

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