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Why is My Cat Not Using Litter Box Anymore

Whining about your cat’s denial? Missing the weekly chores of cleaning the Litter Box? Wanting to stop the odor of your cat’s poop popping up from everywhere?! Here are few tips that can turn your frowns into smiles.

cat not using litter box anymoreThe ASPCA states a few common problems related to the Litter Box

  1. The Cat doesn’t like the location of her toilet.
  2. You haven’t cleaned the Litter Box enough. (You wouldn’t like your toilet seat not being flushed for re-use, do you?)
  3. Placing more than two Litter Boxes. (At the time of an emergency, she mustn’t be confused!)
  4. The Litter Box is too cramped. (She can’t be a kitten forever!)
  5. Litter Box too far. (Can’t control it!)
  6. The Litter Box is too deep to be comfortable!
  7. She may not like the scent of the Box. (Well everyone is allergic to a certain scent!)
  8. The entrance is too small to breeze into the Box.


  1. The Box must be placed in a quiet place and away from the main traffic of the house.
  2. The bed of the Box must be shallow.
  3. Check if she likes a scented or an unscented box.
  4. Replace the surface material with the one she is comfortable with.
  5. Most cats like large boxes.
  6. Check if she likes an airy box or a lid one.
  7. Some cats like to live their lives as they were kittens, so decorate in that manner.
  8. Make the Box easily accessible.

Medical reasons:

  1. UTI i.e Urinary Tract Infection. This makes your cat pee frequently in small amounts. You may also find blood in the Urine.
  2. Feline Interstitial Cystitis Inflammation of the Bladder. The Cat urinates at frequent levels; strains much while doing so, ejects blood and licks a lot. Note this is a life endangering disease.
  3. Kidney Stones. The cat visits the box frequently and purrs much because of pain while it tries to defecate. The abdomen is tender to touch too.

You must contact a Veterinarian immediately for the above reasons. Tending to the needs of your cat is as important as taking care of yourself is. Learn auto cleaning litter box suggestions here.

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