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Did Your Cat Miss The Litter Box Again?

Cat Miss Litter BoxCat’s veterinarian is the person to consult if your cat misses the litter box again. But before that you’ll have to check out the reason why she did not use it. Sometimes it so happens that despite of proper training, cat’s don’t use the litter box when there’s an emergency situation. Or in situations such as the litter box being in an inaccessible area of the house.

However, if the litter box is accessible, if you can is well-trained and never misses the box on purpose, then there’s a need to consult a veterinarian. Because, there could be problem with your pet’s health – it could be a urinary tract infection, gastritis, or even deadly disease such as cancer. Or there could either be an environmental stress.

Here are some more reasons why your cat would miss a litter box:

Unclean Litter Box

The litter box has to be cleaned regularly. The cats are extremely clean creatures, they don’t prefer dirt. The way your cat digs the mud or litter before and after passing out feces and urine itself shows how clean these creatures are. If you do not want scoop cats poops each day, i suggest you to check out our automatic litter box comparison guide.

No Privacy

While cats are particular about cleanliness, they don’t compromise on privacy either. They prefer to go to toilet at a place where there’s complete privacy. Therefore, if you’ve moved the litter box to a new location, put it back. This could be a factor that stops the cat from using litter box time and time again.

Bad Odor

Apart from bad health, uncleanliness, and privacy issues, bad odor could be another reason why you cat might have missed the litter box. Ensure to clean the box regularly and use baking soda to reduce the bad odor as well.

Just these factors could result in your cat missing the litter box. See to it that all the factors are taken into consideration when you see your cat doesn’t use the box next time.

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