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The Risks Of Changing Litter Box

How often should you change a litter box? Why changing litter box is not a good idea! Love for cats comes with a duty to clean cat’s litter box daily, doesn’t it? There’s nothing bad about it. Litter box cleaning is done more because of sanitary and hygienic reasons than because of any other things, or better way is if you decide to use automatic litter box cleaner. The smell that comes out of cat’s bathroom i.e. litter box is many times stronger than what your cat has put up.

Risk Of Changing Litter BoxTherefore, a neat and clean litter box is very much essential to maintain for a cat owner. If the box is not cleaned regularly, your cat stops using it, and your house will notice feces and urination in almost all the corners of the house. So, buy a litter box, place it in a corner of a house where it’s easily accessible to the cats. And don’t change the litter box brand quite too often. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t do that:

Cats Don’t Like Change

Cats don’t prefer to change places as they are territorial beings. This is because, they feel the threat of being tortured or beaten up. Therefore, litter box place shouldn’t be changed. Keep it where it is as long as it’s possible. So that cats get a sense of security and also the privacy they be worthy of.

Cats Don’t like Change in Odor

Litter fragrance differs from brand to brand. It’s not same in all the litter brands that are available in the market. And there is no “scent-free” litter available, though many claim to provide it. So, once you use a particular brand of litter that suits your cat’s criteria for aroma and feel, stick to it. Because an abrupt altering in the aroma of the bathroom i.e. litter box can stop your cat from using it.

Not changing the litter box and the litter is an easy solution to the problem of your cat peeing outside the box.

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