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How to Dog Proof a Litter Box

Dog Proofing Litter BoxCats are naturally carnivorous, they require more protein compared to dogs. Dogs require less protein food which sometimes makes them jump into cat’s litter box. This situation keeps the pet owners astounded and confused. So to combat this situation, you’ll have to learn how to dog-proof a litter box. And for that you’ll have to simply read the instructions below:

A Baby Gate to the Room

Depending upon your cat’s ability to jump, use a baby gate to the room where litter box is placed. If you’re not sure about how long your dog and cat jumps, test their ability. Usually, cats jump over a 3 to 4 feet wall easily, and dogs even higher. So, to protect a cat’s litter box from dog, use a baby gate of a suitable size.

Buy Dog-Proof Cat Litter Boxes

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars and buying a normal litter box, it’s better to buy a dog-proof litter box. It’s an absolute necessity if you’ve both cats and dogs at your home. Pet stores sell dog-proof litter boxes too. They include a tray and a small opening either on the side or on the top of the box.

Litter box Contaminated Systems

Litter box contaminated systems are the most expensive yet effective methods to keep your dog away from a litter box. They are made of wood and have two levels. One level is at the top. Here cat enters and sits. Second level is lower level where the tray is contained. These contaminated systems are available in multiple pet stores and specialty retail stores.

Keep Litter Box Out of Sight

Litter box should be kept at a fair distance for the place your dog moves. Generally, dogs find it easy to jump into a litter box if they come across is too often. Therefore, it’s important to keep a litter box away from the sight of the dog.

These instructions come after a lot of experience. They’re proven and can be tried by any individual who wants to keep dog away from cat’s litter box. So, follow these instructions and allow only your cat to enter the litter box and not your dog.

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