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“Tell Me Why?!” Want to Make Your Cat Use the Litter Box Again?

There is `always a reason behind a behavior. And reasons may vary like medical problems to anxiety to an injury. But there is always a solution to every problem. And we have the solution for your problem, right below!

Medical Problem

If, while urinating, your cat cries or strains himself and nothing comes out, then you need to take your cat to a Veterinarian right away! Quoting the HSUS, a cat with a blocked urinary tract will likely die in a matter of few hours or could damage his organ forever. Thus, it is always wise to get your cat checked by a Vet.

Refusal to Use the Litter Pan

Cats are sharp and they notice the slightest of changes. If a cat stops using a litter pan, it could be that she is in denial with the changed ingredients of the litter pan. Some cats like scented litter while some are allergic to them.

The surface may be too rough for the Cat’s paws or she could be clicking the ‘dislike’ button for the way she feels when she digs. Swapping brands can solve this problem.

A Matter of Hygiene

Cats like to keep themselves clean. Grooming is an everyday thing. And they like their places of interest to be kept neat and tidy. If a litter box fails to meet their standards, they just abandon the box and find their own neat place. Hence it is important to clean the litter box at frequent levels.

Style Matters

Cats are very choosy. Each Cat has her own preference when it comes to the box style. They might either like a closed lid with complete privacy or an open one. The large cats usually do not find it comfortable to sit in the usual commercial box; hence you would have to make a custom litter box which fits their size and standards.


Cats like to feel comfortable when they are relieving themselves. They might not like to eliminate in a litter box that is crowded and they might find it difficult to reach a litter box which is kept handsomely far from their reach. If you have more than two cats, then you must buy a litter box for each of them.

Taking care of your cat’s need is important. Neglecting them can lead to fatal consequences. Please check best automatic cat litter box reviews tips & hints on this page.

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