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Tips on Keeping Your From Dog Digging in the Cat Litter Box

How to keep dog out of cat litter box? A lot of pet owners have both cats and dogs and most of these owners suffer from a common problem. That is, dogs start digging-in and eating the waste present in the litter box.

While this habit is not only frustrating for pet owners but can be really harmful for the dog’s health too. Why? Cat feces are filled with harmful germs and microbes including bacteria that cause Toxoplasmosis.

How to Keep Dog Out of Cat Litter BoxAnyway, the good thing is – there are several measures you can take to keep the dog away from the cat’s litter box. Some of them are:

  • First easy thing you can do is, get a covered box instead of an open box. This will automatically protect the dog from entering into the box.
  • When you keep the box clean daily, dogs won’t be attracted to the fecal matter. Hence they wouldn’t go to the litter box to eat it.
  • Another good type of litter box is odor-absorbing crystals that clumps and absorbs the odor whenever it clumps in contact with the fecal matter. What you can also do is, use a self-cleaning litter box; these boxes automatically clean themselves and eradicates the smell of the cat’s excreta.
  • Place a baby gate in the doorway that contains the litter box. This is perhaps the most effective steps to do it. You can always place your litter box in the bathroom, and install a small gate for the cat to pass. The gate however, needs to be slightly taller, so that dogs cannot jump onto it.
  • Apart from the above, what you can also do is – install the litter box slightly higher, so that the dogs cannot go to it. However, the key here is to keep it at a distance where the dogs can’t jump to that level but the cats do.

There are few other techniques too that you, as a pet owner, can implement. A couple of them are, blocking the room where litter box is placed or visiting the veterinarian to get rid of the dog’s disorder. But following any of the above, or a couple of them should solve the problem completely!

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