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Older Cats Not Using Litter Box – Thing You Need to Know

An older cat may suffer from various old age problems and as a result she might end up eliminating outside your fancy auto cat litter box. It can either be urinary tract problem or any other problem that impacts the behavior of the cat. So, it’s really important to figure out the underlying condition of the cat and treat her properly.

Why Older Cats Don’t Use Litter Box?
Old Cat Not Using Litter BoxCats eliminate outside a litter box during the mating season or simply to mark their area. However, that’s only with the young cats or kittens – whereas, the older cats are by nature less aggressive and active. And if the older cats eliminate outside the box, it could be because of the following reasons:

Urinary tract infections

As discussed earlier, this is one major reason. Problem in urination can be painful. It has to be detected and cured as quick as possible.

Loss of Sight

Losing sight is yet another reason. When a cat loses sight, it cannot find the litter box when it needs to eliminate. As a result, she ends up excreting anywhere in the house.

Loss of Smell

Cats have a sense of smell and when they lose their ability to smell, they lose track of using a litter box. It’s their ability to smell that takes them to the litter box time and time again.


Placing the litter box in inaccessible area in the house could be yet another strong reason. Older cats are not active enough to jump over objects and reach the box in hurry, so their condition has to be considered.

When one or more of the above symptoms appear, make sure that they are not neglected. Or else, you’ll have to keep cleaning the carpets, mats, and other areas of the house instead of just a litter box.

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