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No! My Cat Uses the Houseplant as a Litter Box!

How to prevent cats from pooping in the garden? Though Cats are clean, their urge for hiding their ‘business’ can be a problem if you are an avid botanist! Unlike dogs, cats like to drop a deuce in fresh dirt, or sand or in cat litter and a fresh houseplant with fresh dirt can be too tempting for them.

And though they’ll hide it well, the stinky smell can make your nose sick and can kill your houseplants!

how to prevent cats from pooping in the gardenRevive Your Plant!

If your houseplant has been the victim of your cat’s toilet duties and still has managed to survive the toxic attack, then there is a fair chance that you can revive it. Instructions written in the emergency manual are as follows.

Replace the soil in the pot with new, fresh dirt. This is will get rid of toxic materials lingering from your cat’s urine and it also removes the trace of the scent. This helps as once a cat has used something as her bathroom; she leaves a powerful smell that makes it her bathroom forever!

Wash the pot three times with water. This will reduce the odor and wash away the toxins. Vinegar also helps as an antidote.

Prevention is Better than Cure!

Keep the litter box clean at all times. Empty it and wash it and then fill it with clean litter, scoop every day, once if you have one cat and more if you have more than one. If your house is multi storied then place a litter box on each floor. A clean litter box will help you from a kitty attack on your houseplant.

Increase Your Plant’s Defense System!

Cats have a liking for that sensation of digging in the dirt. If you are successful in thwarting this, then your plant is safe. Shield your potting soil with a layer of pine cones and small rocks. You can form an invisible shield around your plant by spraying certain sprays which cats dislike and avoid.

Offensive defense is an option too. Whenever your cat lingers around the pot, attack her with a squirt gun, this will shoo her away.

The above are effective ways of shielding your Houseplant. If still your cat is adamant, you will have to move your houseplant to a place which it cannot access. So by the Power of SavePot, I wish you all the best!

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