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The Right Dog Proof Litter Box

Keeping the cleanliness can be quite a challenge for pet owners especially for those who own both a dog and a cat, and one surefire solution is getting a dog proof litter box. Dogs are attracted to the odor of cat litter which makes the whole thing messy. Just imagine having to constantly check on your pet cat and dogs and to make cleaning cat litter a part of your daily grind.

This problem can be addressed with the right dog proof litter box which will not only allow the proper handling of cat litter but will also keep the dog at bay. Essentially, this is the answer to keeping the area or the home clean and keeping it clean.

One of the best litter box products available in the market is the Clever Cat Dog Proof Litter Box. Top entry litter box is a definite must have for cat owners and affordable alternative to the expensive automatic litter box for multiple cats because it not only cheaper but it also reduces the risk of spilling & eliminates odor and tracking. Cats will surely enjoy the privacy as it affords your pets easy adaptability in using the dog proof litter box. And the best part of it is that dogs will be kept at bay with the litter box.

Making the Right Choice

Easy Cleaning

One needs to consider the ease of cleaning the dog proof litter box furniture before making the purchase. As the product may be reliable, it is also essential that the pet owner should be able to effectively clean the litter box easily. The Clever Cat Litter Box is made from plastic which provides the pet owner the owner the capability to clean the litter box easily. This would mean that pet owners need to spend less time cleaning the box and more time on more important things.


The dog proof litter box is designed with a 9 inch opening at the top that allow pet cats to go in and out of the litter box easily. The design will also allow cats to easily adjust to the litter box and can enjoy the privacy. Best of all, the small opening cannot be accessed by most dogs which makes it dog proof. The design should be able to allow cats to access the litter box while keeping the dogs away from it.

Dog Proof

The dog proof litter box easily eliminates odors. These odors primarily attract dogs to cat litters hence the choice for the right litter box should be one that would eliminate or reduce odors. This would prevent dogs from picking up the odor and eventually from tracking it and making a mess from cat litter. In the end, one need to choose a litter box that would serve the purpose of keeping dogs away from it.


The size of the dog proof litter box is also an essential factor to consider as pet owners would have to decide the area by which the litter box is to be stationed. One can afford a big litter box if they have a huge space available for the pet however for small spaces, like apartments, a smaller litter box that is space efficient is advisable. The Clever Cat Dog Proof Litter Box has a dimension of 20”x15”x15” which is advisable for smaller spaces.


The price that the owner is willing to pay for a dog proof litter box would determine the kind of design to be purchased. It is a definite that with the right price comes with the right value. Automatic litter box will cost you few hundred bucks but Clever Cat Dog Proof Litter Box is affordable and with the price of $35 when purchased on line, the litter box is indeed value for the purpose that it was designed for.

Who is it for?

The Clever Cat Dog Proof Litter Box is an ideal product for pet owners who want to solve their problems on keeping their houses or areas clean from cat litter. This is also the best way to take care of pet cats by providing it with a comfortable litter box. This is one of the ways that you can show appreciation to your pet cats. It is advisable for individuals living in small floor areas like apartments. However, a setback for this dog proof liter box is that it is not for big, elderly, or disabled cats.

This simple innovation of dog proof litter box can provide comfort and ease, not only to cat owners, but to pet cats as well. This is one way of showing your pet cats that you care and that your cat’s comfort is part of the consideration. In summary, the problem on cat litter should not prohibit pet owners from owning both a cat and a dog altogether. There are solutions to addressing the problem of a dog’s attraction on the odor of cat litters.

In the end, the Clever Cat Dog Proof Litter Box is the best choice for a cat owner who desires to shelve out the price for a cat facility that will help owners manage cat litters at home. The design of the litter box provide owners with the ease of cleaning with its straightforward design. Furthermore, its ability to eliminate odors that does not attract dogs and its access hole located at the top of the litter box makes it dog proof. The small design makes it best choice for pet owners who live in smaller areas that could only afford a space efficient litter box.

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