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Understanding Why My Cat Won’t Use Litter Box

Feeling disgusted and tired cleaning your cat’s litter off your carpet and towels every day? Or are you running out of ways of persuasion to make your cat use the litter box again? I think today is when your toiling ends.

The reasons for your cat to trouble you so much could be that she feels neglected or is suffering from a physical problem or she simply doesn’t like its litter box anymore. Be it anything, you need to care for her needs again.

  • Your cat is like your baby and like all children she might have difficulties when moving into a new house or by the presence of a new cat or by lack of time due to the introduction of a new member to your wont use litter box
  • It also could be that she is suffering from gastritis, infection in the urinary gland or a bigger disease. For this it is always wise to consult a Veterinarian first. After all being unhealthy leads to acting in strange ways, be it humans or animals.
  • A more common reason relating to your cat’s defiance could be the lack of privacy or the state of the litter box. Cats are clean creatures; tidiness is of utmost importance to them when they need to relieve themselves. If you are unable to fulfill this need, they look for alternatives.
  • Privacy! Yes, privacy is a craving of all beings, especially when one needs to defecate. Make sure to keep the litter box away from places of commotion. Places like your bedroom or your toilet or your balcony. It is to be noted that your cat mustn’t be kept off, accidently, from her litter box by shutting of doors. It does more than just discouraging your cat.
  • If she still doesn’t use the litter box, replace it with a new one, the one which fulfills her requirements. It is also advised that you encourage your cat whenever she uses the litter box.

In the end, it all comes down to making your cat feel valuable again. Checkout automatic cleaning cat litter box hints and tips.

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