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Wonder Why Your Cat Stopped Using the Litter Box?

Cat Stopped Using Litter BoxOne of the most common problems that cat owners face is when the cat stops using the litter box. Yes, that’s right, when this happens, even the most obvious cat lovers would think twice before continuing to keep her as a pet. Some cat owners even go to an extent of surrendering the cat to the animal shelter.

This will add-up to the miseries of the cat and her adoption would also become a problem because of her urinating problems. What most people don’t understand is that this behavior can be easily fixed with if they deal with little patience. With this, they can not only own a pet but can also prevent the cat from facing consequences. Just adjusting or changing the kitty box can completely resolve the problem of inappropriately urination of the cats.

  1. One reason why cats don’t use their litter box is that when they find it to be dirty. That’s true! If the litter box is unhygienic or when the cat is unhappy with the box, then she would most likely use any other place to relieve herself. This might bother the cat owner but can be easily dealt with, by simply cleaning the sandbox for just 10 minutes or you can choose one of the following best automatic cat litter box.
  2. Another solution that cat owners can consider is to go to a veterinary because an animal specialist can solve the problem if it is a medical issue. If she is unhealthy, then a detailed checkup can tell you that the litter box is affecting the health of the cat and needs to be replaced.
  3. To conclude, there are multiple things that can make your cat dislike the litter box, but some of the most popular are – an untidy and smelly litter box. Second thing, the size of the litter box might be smaller than the cat size. Third, the type of litter you’re using may be something that the cat is offended by – mainly by its color or smell. Consider all these aspects and changing or cleaning the litter box would certainly help you get rid of the problem of cat avoiding litter box.
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