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How You Can Train Your Cat to Find the Litter Box

Recently added a cat in your family? If yes, then know that the best thing to do is to train her on finding and using the litter box. And if you fail to this simple and basic task, then you is surely going to spend a lot of time cleaning-up the mess. Plus, this will be helpful for the cats too.
Cat Missing Litter Box

  • First and foremost, identify what type of litter box your cat like and find out if the cat was previously litter box trained by the ex-owner. If you get similar litter box that the cat previously used, she would definitely use it without any difficulty as the environment would be similar.
  • The next thing to do is to place the box where it is visible to the cat. Obviously, when the cat can find it conveniently, she would use it. However, ensure that it is placed in a different area where the cat spends most of her time. One thing to remember is to – keep it away from home appliances such as washing machine or dish washer that can scare the cat away with its loud noises.
  • Whenever you feel the cat needs a break, take her near the litter box, so that she can get familiar with the area around. Whenever the cat uses the litter box, try and praise it so that she can understand that it is the right thing to do.
  • If you do not have a dog at your home, then you can keep a small amount of fecal matter in the litter box. This will help the cat find the litter box and use it again when necessary. The key here is to keep it clean enough for the cat to use it.
  • Most cats don’t use overwhelmingly dirty and unclean litter box, so remember to keep the box clean and tidy. And if the litter box is always clean, then the cat will not have any problem in using it again and again.

To conclude, training a cat on finding the litter box can be a cake walk, particularly if you can implement the above techniques. Please check automatic self cleaning cat litter box information on this page

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