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Correct Litter Box Train a New Cat in Few Steps

Bought a new cat and want to train her to use a litter box? Don’t worry, it’s rather simple than expected. Cats are clean animals. They, by their nature, prefer cleanliness and also expect privacy while removing the waste from the body. There are certain procedures and steps to be followed in order to train a new cat how to use a litter box more effectively. Those steps are discussed ahead, in brief, in the article.
Litter Box Training Cat

  1. Purchase a suitable litter box for your cat. People buy a litter box they come across without any planning, and end up with an unpleasant experience. Therefore, it’s important that the litter box should be bought with utmost care. It should be easy to sniff for the cat and give her the comfort level she deserves while using the litter box.
  2.  There’s a criteria here. Pouring litter is okay, but filling the entire box from bottom to top shouldn’t be done. If a small kitten is supposed to use the litter box, pour one-inch layer of litter. And if it is for a larger cat, then pour two-to-three inch of litter in the box.
  3. When these two things are done, bring the cat and put her in the box. Let her feel the texture of litter. Let her feel that comfortable and understand what it’s about.
  4. Teach your cat how to use paw to scratch the litter before and after excreting the waste. This will help her learn quicker and faster.
  5. Take your cat to the litter box after a meal and nap so that she gets programmed to use it without you having to take her every time.
  6. Understand your cat’s signs. Give her the privacy and the freedom she wants.

These are simple steps. You’ve to follow them only for few days. Once your kitten/cat learns the method, you only have to provide her a hygienic and clean box regularly. Checkout best automatic litter box for cats suggestions

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