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How Litter Box Training For Adult Cats Work?

Cats have become a bundle of joy in human life. They cannot be ignored. People are ready to adopt even the neglected and abandoned cats irrespective of how old they are. They train the cats to use litter box. The kittens learn it quite easily, while adult cats don’t adopt it easily.

how to litter train an adult catIn this article, we shall discuss how to effectively train an adult cat to use a litter box. In other words, it is about litter box training for adult cats.

  1. Keep the adult cat confined to one room. This room shall be a training room as well as a living room for the cat in initial stages.
  2. Place litter box, food, and water in the same room. However, place litter box in one corner of the room, and food on the other. Cats prefer cleanliness by nature. They don’t eat food near litter box or the place they pass urine.
  3. Buy cat litter and fill the litter box. The quantity of litter depends totally on the size of the box. Either one inch of litter or two or three, that should be decided precisely.
  4. Place the cat in the litter box and give him or her freedom to sniff it. Allow them to dig the litter wherever they want.
  5. Every time your cat has food or a nap, put her on the litter box. Praise her if she urinates, passes feces, and digs before and after it.
  6. If you notice your cat going to the bathroom anywhere in the house apart from litter box, shout ‘no’, pick her up, and put her in the litter box.
  7. Repeat the process time and time again till the cat finally understands it.

It’s a normal and routine process you’ll have to follow to train adult cats to use a litter box. The rules are no different. The only difference is the time. Adult cat owner has to spend extra time to potty train a cat. Please check cat litter boxes automatic guide right here

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