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Tips for Litter Box Training for Kittens

Did you ever think that your new kitten already know how to use a litter box? In that case, you’ll have to think again – a kitten has to be taught how exactly a box is used. Appropriate litter box training for kittens should be organized so that they don’t discrete waste all over the house. Teach them how to effectively use litter box i.e. how they can bury the feces and cover up the urine deposits. Since you still didn’t understand how to litter box train your kittens, here are some valuable tips you cannot afford to to litter box train a kitten,litter training kittens,how to litter train a kitten

  1. Being able to afford a costly litter box doesn’t mean that one should buy something that the kittens are uncomfortable using. Instead, buy something they relish using. A small litter box with low sides i.e. not higher than three inches should be bought and filled with two inches of good quality litter.
  2. A litter box should be placed at an area that’s easy to access for the kittens. For example, if you live in a multi-storied house, then have a litter box at each floor. And make sure that it is not placed in a noisy area where kittens don’t find privacy at all.
  3. When a kitten is first brought home, keep it in the litter box after eating and playing. And regularly move her paws through the surface of the litter box i.e. on the litter. This allows her to feel the texture and understand the importance of a litter box.
  4. When a kitten does its work in the box, don’t go close to her or applaud her. Because, kittens do prefer privacy like we humans. So, allow her the privacy she deserves.
  5. Finally, when is all trained to use a litter box, your only work is to scoop the litter regularly and replace it.

Litter box training for kittens is not a hard task. If some steps are followed and above mentioned tips are considered. You may interested to read cat automatic litter box hints and tips here

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