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Litter Box Training for Older Cats

What a man learns being a child, remains with him throughout his life. Similarly, when a kitten is litter box trained, it uses the box throughout its life as a cat. But, if a kitten is not properly trained, then it’s hard to teach and help her practice the use of a litter box. Therefore, it’s quite necessary to rightly train your kitten how to use a litter box.
However, there are some factors that disallow the older cats to use box and relieve themselves As a result, they release waste wherever they stand.
Old Cat Not Using Litter Box
Health or Behavioral Problems
Litter box training for older cats can be an issue because of health or behavioral problems. If a cat trained to urinate in a litter box doesn’t do so, it’s a sign to check out with a veterinarian. This could be because of kidney stones, urinary problems, urinary tract infections, and bowel diseases. In such situations place the litter box where it’s easy for the cat to enter and exit comfortably.

Litter box for older cats should be placed at an accessible position. If there is more than one cat, then buy a different litter box for each and train her to use the one allotted to it. This makes work easy for the cat and also for the cat owners. Specially, in case of older cats, providing a separate litter box that’s easily accessible would certainly reduce the litter box cleaning and maintenance efforts.

The Litter Box Condition
Unfortunately, many cat owners do not pay attention to the litter box too often. Thus, the litter and other material remain in total ruins. The litter has to be replaced on regular intervals to avoid smell and to provide place for the cat to dig and urinate.

Take these factors into consideration and immediately solve any such problem related to older cats. But first, it’s necessary to give litter box training for older cats. Learn best auto litter box guideline here

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