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How to Give Litter Box Training for Semi Wild Cats

Giving litter box training to semi wild cats isn’t as easy as it is with the pet cats. Semi-wild cats are an offspring of discarded or neglected cats. They are wild in nature and don’t tolerate human contact or human caring. So, it’s tough to train such cats in the beginning, but once you understand how to treat them, it becomes rather easy to continue the whole training process.

  • Abandoned cats have to be trapped first. Use a humane trap and place food, such as chicken, at the bottom. Open one door and close the other so that the cat doesn’t leave the trap just so quickly.
  • As soon as the cat gets busy eating the food, close the door without any notice from her. This could annoy her big time. But, in such situation, place a towel over the trap and allow the cat to calm down completely.

litter box training stray catCrafting

  • Position a litter box at an accessible position – a place where there’s not much traffic and cats can easy reach to it whenever need arises.
  • Pour litter in the box and level it according to the size of the cat. Then, remove the towel or blanket that’s placed on the trap and slowly let the cat into the litter pan.


  • Go near the cat when it’s completely at ease. Place some food and some water in front of her and allow her to eat and drink water. Then, take her paws in your hands and let her feel the surface of litter. So that, semi-wild cat learns what a litter box and when to use it.
  • Treat the cat well. Clean the litter box regularly. Remove the feces; clean the box with detergents or any other products every day.

The sooner you follow the above steps, the sooner you’ll be able to give litter box training for semi wild cats/cat. Have a look at best automatic litter boxes recommendations on this page

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