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How to Train Your Cat to Poop Outside

Can you train your cat to poop outside? Nature always eases your pain and it lessens your burden in many ways. And here is one of the ways you can save valuable money and time that is spent on maintaining a litter box.

And cats will naturally learn it quick to use the toilet outside. Well, you still have to litter train them. Here are some tips that might help you further your cause.

how to train your cat to poop outsideFirst, Let Us Focus on Litter Training

  • Set up a litter tray like a standard tray or a hooded tray and fill it with an inch of cat litter.
  • Place this litter box somewhere private and accessible as Cats like their privacy when toileting. And keep it away from their food and water trays.
  • Encourage your cat to find the tray, make it get used to it.
  • Closely observe you cat, if you see that it is digging that is a sign of an urgent need to use the toilet, then place her in the litter tray.
  • Do not disrupt your cat’s eating habits.
  • Wait for some time, let the cat relax after eating and then place her in the litter tray.
  • Keep repeating this process until your cat is used to the litter tray.
  • Pat your cat when she uses the litter tray. Encourage her, pay her extra attention.
  • Keep the litter tray clean. Cats are very hygienic, they do not like dirty litter trays.

Now Give Outside Toilet Training

  • Provide your cat with an easy access to the garden like through a cat flap or an open door.
  • Place the litter tray in the garden, somewhere she can access it easily, like on a patch of grass.
  • Show the cat the new location of the litter tray. Allow her to explore the location and familiarize with it.
  • Do not stop moving your cat into the litter tray after she eats or when she is in need of it.
  • Have patience; let your cat get comfortable with the litter tray being outside. Once it is used to it, remove the tray. Whenever she shows signs of needing the toilet move her to the garden and encourage her to relieve herself there.

It may take some time, but eventually it will benefit you by saving your time, energy and money. And it will keep you and your cat happy. You may interested to read automatic litter boxes reviews guide.

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